Fairies of Faraway Forest is a show on LOL. It is mainly a combination of Winx Club and Ninjago

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The characters are Leia, the confident fairy of electricty, Zanette, the smart fairy of the water cycle, Jaycie, the funny fairy of the sky, Kylie, the competitive fairy of dragons, Colasha, the curious fairy of organics, Mia, the secretive fairy of Harmony, Melissa, the fierce fairy of creatures, Wendy, the calm fairy of minerals, and Julia, the sarcastic fairy of light. Later, Gabriella, the hopeful fairy of Darkness, joins the team as well as Dimity, the reincartaion of the First Forest Fairy.



Appearance: Long blonde hair, normally in braids, big green eyes. Pale skin.

Personality: Listed above

Family: Gabriella (Mother, long story), Unnamed Father, Unnamed apotive parents.


Appearance: Long blonde hair that is very straight. Brown eyes. Pale skin.

Family: Unnamed Parents and Unnamed Adpotive Parents

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