Color Girls is a show on LOL. 

What it is aboutEdit

Color Girls is a show about four cousins; Marissa "Bluesky" Yerul, Olivia "Citrus" Enora, Peyton "Deep Space" Lemu, and Sarah "Redhead" Rast. They are the daughters of the four sisters that are a band called the 'Rocker Girlz" whch are really really really bad. Marissa's mother, Jackie, just yells, Oliva's mother, Carol, is extremely high pitched and has a lisp and cannot pronouce her l's or r's, Peyton's mother, Bea, is so low you cant understand her, and Sarah's mother, Jen, doesnt sing at all; she just blankly emotionless talks the words.

The color girls are really good singers though, but theyre moms wont let them sing.


Marissa, Olivia, Peyton, and Sarah decide to secretly make a band at school. All their classmates know about their talents but the color girls are afraid to show it. However, in episode 2 season 1, they make their own band names, listed above, and then in the next episode they all start to take instumental lessons.


Marissa Yerul, AKA BlueSky-She plays the electric guitar, and her favorite color is blue, so for the band she dyes her normally blonde hair blue. She is the daughter of Jackie. Marissa was born in England.

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